My name is Joan and I am a Freelance Website Designer

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I know how important it is to establish an engaging and visually compelling website to meet your needs. That's why I work to economically design, repair, update, and maintain your business website. I take care of every website detail so that you can focus your time on running your business! I work to develop a personal relationship with all of my clients in order to deliver the best possible website for them at an affordable price. You can always count on me as a friendly, expert resource for your design and computer/technology questions. Give me a call today!

What I Do...

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US: 469-443-7663
Email: joan@wrrdesigns.com

One of my strengths is
problem solving.
If you have a website that has glitches, quirks or even major errors, give me a call! It certainly doesn't hurt to let me take a look and see what the problem may be. Think of it as taking your car to a mechanic because you hear a noise...on second thought, maybe that isn't such a good analogy!

I work with most website languages. From small one line repairs to major (you-probably-need-to-start-over) site-wide repairs. Just give me a call and we can talk about what is going on with your website.

Your website is your store front. It represents YOU! While I may be the one who puts the boards together and nails them in place, your website is being built for you. I work with you each step of the way to make sure that you are happy with your results. 100% guaranteed satisifaction is an overused phrase. However, I will certainly strive to make sure that you are extremely happy with your website!

Although I normally begin with a template, whether it is one you have or one from my favorite site: Dream Template, I only use the template for structure. The website result is custom to your colors, logo, images, content, etc. Let's talk about your ideas for your website and go from there. Call me!

About Me

I am a real person!

I have been programming on various platforms throughout my career. I'm a native Texan (no, I don't know George!) and graduated from Texas A&M University with degrees in Computer Science and Physics.

I began Website Rescue-Repair in 2007 and transitioned to WRR Designs, LLC in 2010. I have many wonderful clients who may have given you my name. I will be happy to provide you with references if you weren't referred.

I look foward to hearing from you soon!

Oh yeah, some of the designs I've had a hand in: